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Demolished Drum Set Demolished Drum Set

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great Potential

This has some potential to be fleshed out into a full song.

I like the style you used to "demolish" the drum set. Once the pad came in, I thought that you could get a pretty good full track out of this. Maybe add in some little ticking and bleeping synths, nothing too melodic, and you've got yourself a winner! No need to make it like four minutes, either; sometimes if you try too hard, length doesn't help it. Two to three minutes or so is often good enough, especially if you've got a full album of material like this.




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Dragon On Salvia Dragon On Salvia

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done.

I really liked this.

I found a few parts a little repetitive, like the repetition of the main theme (kick 4-on-floor and that synthy piano), but perhaps that was to replicate the psychedelic experience.

I enjoyed your vocal effects quite a lot; I tried to get a similar sound before, but have sort of struggled, especially in stuttering them exactly the way I want to.

The ending loop was neat, also.

I agree with you in that genres are limiting and you should try to defy them. Create your music as uniquely as possible, which you certainly achieved here.

This almost reminded me of Doubting Thomas; their music is described as "the soundtracks to imaginary films."

All in all, quite a good track. Well done.

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Oavatos responds:

hehe repetition was a theme of that trip as stated above. I remember my life seemingly just like... I don't know how to explain it, it was like a constant attack of the same focus over and over and over at a repetitive speed, majorly hallucinating as well. when it came to the vocals I was trying to recreate this whole thing in my mind where i could hear my friends (obviously you don't want to do salvia alone) and I just couldn't focus on what they said, like their voices where the trippiest thing, and with the constant repetition of focus and I don't know... gah talking about this is freaking me out T.=.T like you really can hear everything the way it would be in real life btu my mind distorted these things itself. it's really hard to explain but it was the most frightening experience in my life. well... aside from a bad experience this sunday. some douchebag laced some of my stuff with what my friends think to be angeldust. i don't think i'm ever doing anything drug related again. hehe I never heard of Doubting Thomas though XP i'll have to check them out.